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“We’ve covered much of the globe over the last year and your expertise in freighting, keen understanding of production and timely advice, combined with your excellent 24 hour hands-on service, made my job easy. Working with you was a real pleasure.”

Anna Walker
Production Co-ordinator BBC
'Walking With Dinosaurs'

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"I sincerely hope to work with you again in the very near future. I wouldn't use anybody else. All the best & Happy Shipping."

Matt Jenkins
Production Team
'The Dark Knight'

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Letter of Credit

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« Letter of Credit

"Express Delivery have actively worked with UK shippers, manufacturers exporters and their Letters of Credit documentation requirements for over 20 years.K"

How Express Delivery can help you to ship your goods using a Letter of Credit

Letters of Credit remains the safest method of export payment and the preparation of shipping documents, consular documents and legalised invoices requires a great deal of care and attention to details. Our shipping and banking expertise will smooth the way for a straight forward and speedy transaction ensuring your payments are received by you

Our service includes checking, verifying and consultation on your Letter of Credit (L/C)

  • Letter of Credit - requirements prior to shipping.
  • L/C – Risk assessment – can you comply with all the terms.
  • L/C consultation and instructions.
  • Document preparation.
  • Bank presentation
  • Collection process
  • Sight Drafts
  • Consular & Legalisation of Documents.

Many shippers fail to identify and understand the payment cycle for shipments made on Letter of Credit basis and are understandably confused and worried at the length of time between the shipment date and the receipt of funds from the bank.

Let us check your documents and give you our advice, free of charge, for those using our freight forwarding services.

For a an excellent overview of the whole procedure please see the entry on Wikipedia here 

For a no obligation advice or a free quote CALL +44 131 618 2527 - or get an online quote