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“We’ve covered much of the globe over the last year and your expertise in freighting, keen understanding of production and timely advice, combined with your excellent 24 hour hands-on service, made my job easy. Working with you was a real pleasure.”

Anna Walker
Production Co-ordinator BBC
'Walking With Dinosaurs'

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"I sincerely hope to work with you again in the very near future. I wouldn't use anybody else. All the best & Happy Shipping."

Matt Jenkins
Production Team
'The Dark Knight'

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Car Shipping by Sea - Shipping a Car by Air

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"We arrange all modes of forwarding including RO/RO, containerised and conventional movements of personal and commercial shipments."

Export Shipping - Cars

We ship cars worldwide by air, sea container or on Roll On –Roll –Off  ships ( Ro – Ro ships - imagine a gigantic car ferry with no passenger accommodation).

Dependant on your destination we can arrange car shipments via the following ports: Southampton, Immingham, Grangemouth, Harwich, Thamesport, Tilbury & Hull. We can collect your vehicle from any UK address or save you can save on costs and deliver yourself to our nominated port of shipment.

We will take care of all the shipping documentation and the necessary export customs formalities. One your car has departed on the vessel you will be sent the shipping documents and Bill of Lading also advising you of the expected arrival date at the port of importation. On arrival the vehicle will need to be cleared through customs and you must pay the clearing agent for the local duties, taxes and any other charges from the shipping line relating to the handling of the vehicle.

Roll On – Roll Off (Ro-Ro)

The cost effective way to ship you car to destination ports shown below. Ro-Ro ships are designed solely to carry cars. motorbikes, buses, trucks, tanks in fact anything that is on wheels! All vehicles are secured in the ship under cover away from the elements. As A general rule all vehicles must be if full working order and able to be driven by the loading team.

You may not load the vehicle with any other goods – only the car, spare wheel and any other items that are standard to the car. Why? – because the car and its keys are in the hands of ship operators they are not prepared to take the risk or entertain any claims for any items that may be lost or stolen. If you want to ship goods with your car then we suggest the alternative method of sending you vehicle in a dedicated 20 o4 40ft ships container. See blow.

Container – Car and Vehicle Shipping

This is the preferred method for shipping high value vehicles and classic cars. We can collect your car from any UK address or you can opt to save some costs and deliver to our nominated depot. Alternatively we can arrange to deliver the container to your home and the container delivery vehicle will unload the container to ground level to enable the loading of the car. Which ever method you choose our loading team will ‘chock-off’ and securely strap your vehicle into position to ensure safe passage whilst on its journey. Any remaining space – including inside the vehicle – may be utilised to any thing else you wish to send.

Air Freight – Cars & Motorcycles

We are leaders amongst shipping companies for the shipment of vehicles by air. Over the past 20 years we have shipped hundreds of cars to locations around the world for the purpose of filming car commercials. Destinations have included Iceland, USA, Austrlia, New Zealand, South Africa, Brazil, Morocco, Canada. Often cars are shipped to destination by air for time saving reasons and returned to the UK by sea for cost saving reasons. Whatever your needs are we can help and guide you through the entire process.

Air freighting of cars is fast, safe and secure and can in certain circumstances be very cost effective for the most valuable of vehicles.

Shipping a motorcycle by air (depending on the destination) can often be cost effective particularly if you intend to tour with your bike and before returning to the UK. If you have a fixed date in mind it is as well to be aware the ships can and do get delayed and diverted where as with air cargo services there will always be another flight soon!

Roll On – Roll Off ports served from the UK

North America - Baltimore,Boston, Charleston, Galveston, Halifax, Jacksonville, Newark, New York,

Asia - Bangkok, Colombo, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Karachi, Kobe, Manila, Mumbai, Pusan, Qingdao, Singapore, Surabaya, Xiamen, Yokohama,

Africa - Abidjan, Conakry, Cotonou, Dakar, Durban, East London, Lagos, Lome, Luanda, Matadi, Takoradi, ,Tema.

Australia - Adelaide, Brisbane, Freemantle, Melbourne, Sydney

Middle East - All Major Ports Served.

Cyprus – Malta - Tenerife.

Caribbean & South America – Please ask.

Customs Procedures

UK Customs require evidence of ownership - a copy of the Registration Document plus Passport details. If these documents are not in the name of the shipper then a letter of authority from the owner will be required and will be verified.

Your responsibilities

You must make sure that you are eligible to import the car at the destination which will be dependant on a number of factors such as:

Vehicle type – does the vehicle conform to all the regulations in the destination country such as emissions and type regulations.

Local Duty & Taxes – this is often dependant on your status (non resident – returning resident – temporary visa.

Dynamic are not responsible for any actions taken by overseas Customs and local authorities in respect of any duty, tax or vehicle compliance required at importation. We are happy to give you general advice but YOU must check and satisfy you self that  everything is in order before shipping your vehicle.


You are strongly advised to take full insurance cover for the value of your vehicle at destination and including all the shipping costs. Insurance rates vary between 1.5% & 2.5% of value dependant on destination.

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